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Registration of this forum is open for limited time to collect the Great Team for Cracking.

Don't be late to be the part of this community Soon the registration will be closed and invite system will work for registration

Only staff will get invite access to invite more peoples
and only users who buy Vip or Super user rank will get invite code for registration.

Staff Required

Staff Required

If you are  a Cracker Config maker Developer's or Exploiter show your Cracking Skills and get chance to be the staff team of CrackingCrew.

Complete the formalities and then submit your application for staff.

Read all the rules and follow the rules 

Good News LetsBruteit 2018 V. Updated By HNB


- Bug on in

version (11/06/2018)

- 'no user agent' added in user agent list. If you do not have it, just add it. Useful in some configs
  where you don't need to send user agent in request.

valid chars corrected (some filters were not accurate)
- Parsing function added to additionals redirect stage <<RS1VAR>> <<RS2VAR>>...<<RS7VAR>>
  These vars can be used in all successive stages.
- [ADV][empty] function added in SOURCE keys to intercept an Empty Source (with good header)
- When exporting config, Source FK on Login Stage were not exported! Corrected!
- Thanks to @klean from crackingcrew.com for the new Logo! ^^
- Protected config function added! You can now send a config as tool. The config can not be edited!
  When Bruteit loads it you can just add combo and/or proxies and bruteforce.

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