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Good News LetsBruteit 2018 V. Updated By HNB


- Bug on in

version (11/06/2018)

- 'no user agent' added in user agent list. If you do not have it, just add it. Useful in some configs
  where you don't need to send user agent in request.

valid chars corrected (some filters were not accurate)
- Parsing function added to additionals redirect stage <<RS1VAR>> <<RS2VAR>>...<<RS7VAR>>
  These vars can be used in all successive stages.
- [ADV][empty] function added in SOURCE keys to intercept an Empty Source (with good header)
- When exporting config, Source FK on Login Stage were not exported! Corrected!
- Thanks to @klean from crackingcrew.com for the new Logo! ^^
- Protected config function added! You can now send a config as tool. The config can not be edited!
  When Bruteit loads it you can just add combo and/or proxies and bruteforce.

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Found 66 results

  1. SHARE IT TO OTHER SITE this is not cracked by Crank & Yuki Because F*** them Virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e...f4cc1ac318a4a97ba305ecd3ea649b83ba4/detection 31 Configs are inside [Hidden Content]
  2. [NETFLIX] X1876 NETFLIX+Mycanal ACCOUNTS | 01.03.2020 JUST CHECKED please don't use vpn Netflix Premium Accounts [Hidden Content] Mycanal Premium Accounts [Hidden Content] Changing the password will kill account for everyone. So Don't Do It.. >>>>>>>>>>>> PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO + <<<<<<<<<<<<
  3. 9.5 changelog: - Removed nasty gather proxy online checks. - Fixed a bug that resulted in the program not starting up correctly. [Hidden Content] https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/830a8bef900094e5c98a60029781ffb50028023a7b92668fbedcd958c47b0eb8/detection
  4. Today I'm gonna share with you Antidetect 7.3+5000 Configs New Fully Cracked Version for free.. No need to buy it..just download use and success with carding! Steps To Use : 1.Download file from mega 2.Extract Using Winrar 3.Double click file and it start to extract(wait 10 minutes) 4.Goto My Computer C drive then you can see Folder like Antidetect 5.Open folder and click AD7.exe and start carding with Antidetect 6.That's it. Tips :- When you open Antidetect choose right click and run it as Administrator otherwise it don't work Before you use it Disable your Anti virus otherwise you can't use crack.[full version] Download Link[Mega] - 828MB [Hidden Content] If it work give me feedback Enjoy!
  5. Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7cdb5fde86e5c12bef81c54005c078dfebdd19483d56031bc7da5e9fc019652a/detection Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  6. Find and share with crew not checked HI everybody i share Best tool for cracking all service no need proxy on some serviced Some services that are in the software: 1.Zenmate (No Proxy) 2.Instagram (proxy) 3.DirectTV (No Proxy) 4.Deezer (proxy) 5.Netflix (No Proxy) 6.Origin (No Proxy) 7 .Mediafire (Without proxy) 8.Gearbest (With proxy) 9.Tinydeal (With proxy) 10.Adfocus (Without proxy) 11.Facebook (Without proxy) 12.MD5 Unhasher 13.Steam User Pass (Without proxy) 14.Ebay (No proxy) 15.Dork Maker 16.Crypterra (No proxy) 17.Spotify (Without proxy Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/904329d2a2b2495f2bd858d65e9df2463d94dd9f922fd910d150d0501044444b/detection Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  7. Hello People Its a New IAmazon Brute/Checker Tested and Worked 2020/01/13. You Need Good Proxy (Socks5) and Combos (EmailPass) DOWNLOAD LINK: [Hidden Content] Have a Good Hit
  8. RDP Multi Tool makes it easy to connect to and work with Dedicks, one software collects several useful functions that will speed up the processing of RDP servers several times. Functional: * Accepts the formats IP @ User ; Pass and IP: port @ User ; Pass, for the first format itself will add port 3389. * The ability to open the server from the list in one click through the built-in RDP client or RDP Plus. * Sort servers by different files, you can open files from the program. * The ability to open the server without the user / pass to get a list of users a also make a screenshot. * Converter from .TXT format in mRemoteNG format (no higher than 1.74 Final). * Ability to change the separator for your databases for import / export. * Ability to split the database into IPs.txt, Port.txt, Users.txt, Pass.txt. * IP search in the IP format: port @ user ; pass or IP @ user ; pass, will return the entire line, it is convenient when selling decks, in one click get the IP list from the file, the buyer returns the necessary IP, you do a search and get list in full format. * Importing files in one click or Drag and Drop * When you close the program, the settings are saved. * You can define the country, city, region through freegeoip.net or geoip.nekudo.com and also save them in the database. * Ping servers. * Check the port availability, so you can easily sort the servers. * Import the file after the checker from z668. * Sorting servers. * You can add a comment for each server. VIRUS Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/bf358ea903fc0bf66c18a81ab9274b4ab12245303b1fe4a14e19b6bac1ab72d2/detection DOWNLOAD LINK: [Hidden Content]
  9. VIRUS SCAN: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/af55e5342eed620b518ea78a9caed6b2c4030d6ed977b89ef0b1336ede4cc751/detection DOWNLOAD LINK: [Hidden Content]
  10. The program supports all types of proxies - HTTP (S), SOCKS4, SOCKS5 Auto update program Captcha: CapMonster Does Not Take Xevil too Built in rukattcha Download / Download
  11. when it gets banned I will post a new one ? plenty more where that came from lol enjoy [Hidden Content]
  13. LoveNikki Stealer Cracked + Tutorial Cookies Stealing Ftp Password Email password Wallet .dat Messenger Steam Form Grabbing Credit Card Stealing Bank Login Games Crypto Currencies Stealing Loader Run in a VM/Sandboxed environment for utmost safety. [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content]
  14. WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked Recently added: – Windows Defender Bypass (Warzone RAT is going to add itself to Exclusions in Windows Defender when it executes) – Second UAC bypass – Automatic Download and Execute – Persistence Feature – Mass Execute Feature – Smart Updater Feature – Automatic HRDP installation & port exposure to WAN (you can connect to the HRDP without reverse proxy!) – Offline Keylogger – Foxmail Password Recovery – Automatic Password Recovery – Outlook Password Recovery – Thunderbird Password Recovery – Reverse Proxy – Upload Files – Execute Files [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content]
  15. Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/cd700c291de5618af8616122ec54eb20cea5e9421a784fc5683caa1dca9e9951/analysis/ Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  16. WARNING ? USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALWAYS RUN UNKNOWN PROGRAMS IN VM OR SANDBOX. VIRUS SCAN: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d02c26f4a5b034a329f183840038ea25af7a589e21c840579c514b90c87dc7d2/detection Download Link: [Hidden Content] https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d02c26f4a5b034a329f183840038ea25af7a589e21c840579c514b90c87dc7d2/detection
  17. WSH RAT 2-en-1 Builder VBS y JS RAT [Hidden Content]
  18. My 2nd post! Enjoy everyone. This new KMSLoader build has AutoLoader built in so you won't need to activate Windows again. [Hidden Content]
  19. Working 100% TESTED Unlimited Proxies with a single click Get proxies for ANY use Check against a list of websites Change IP Address with a single click or key press Lots of easy to follow video guides Regular updates at no extra cost 14 day Full refund guarantee Fully automated proxy collection and checking What makes No Hands Proxies so special? Price : $57 Price For BWF Member : $57 its free! DOWNLOAD Link: [Hidden Content]
  20. change them from 1 to 5 This is not my feature and the author's feature. The time zone needs to be changed to +9 Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/1e9a88c2e531131a34929504aaddee586f69046dfe4a9120462ca024b60342e8/analysis/ Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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